Lead with Ease

The power of masterminding is achieving your growth at an accelerated pace.

Early on in my career, I was part of communities that focused on my growth as a leader. Many of the opportunities I had access to were from my network created by the masterminds. It was that experience that illustrated at any stage of my development, a mastermind is beneficial for;

  • broadening networks,
  • exposure to new ideas, and
  • an opportunity to share insights. 

One of the ways I was able to take my business from an idea to reality was through masterminds.

As I work with clients, I’ve discovered they don’t only want to tackle their number one business challenge, they want to connect with other partenprenuers who are navigating these uncertain times with their kids too. 

Community is needed now more than ever, only it requires a bit of creativity to connect virtually. Three years ago, due to the demands of being a parent and operating a business, I was only able to consistently show up for virtual masterminds. 

When the pandemic started, I already had my support in place with the friendships I had fostered over the past three years virtually. 

Recently I discovered there is an added benefit I hadn’t anticipated. When my son was struggling in school, (something I discovered when he was learning virtually)  I had the network to reach out, not just locally but worldwide to several teachers and tutors, thanks to the virtual masterminds I’m a part of. 

Connecting with other parentpreneurs who went through challenges with their kids and their struggles with school helped me think clearly about what was best for my son. Being connected to business leaders that have services to help provide high-quality options quickly helped me get my son the guidance he needed before the school year was over. He was enjoying learning for the first time in three years. Relief, joy, hope, were restored in a couple of months versus searching, researching, and waiting till I called all the options and potentially having to test a few options to see what worked best. 

Now, I’m creating a mastermind to help parentpreneurs Lead with Ease and stay connected with others on a monthly basis.

Our Members

  • Own a business with 2-10 employees (including the founder) with monthly recurring revenue of $100K+.
  • Desire to spend less time in the day-to-day operations of the business and more time growing the business.
  • Are ready to discover the untapped potential within their existing team and clients.
  • Believe a community of successful entrepreneurs will help them achieve their goals faster.

How It Works

Connect with other business owners from various industries who are on a mission to complete business goals within 90-day intervals.

  • Meet virtually every month for 90 minutes to discuss success drivers inside and outside your business.
  • Collaborate with a combination of member spotlights, guest speakers, and workshops so that you can:
    • Get clear about what matters most, be true to your core values and create a plan with accountability checkpoints.
    • Objectively identify blind spots within your organization.
    • Leverage tools and strategies for growth and operational efficiencies.
    • Share your wisdom on what’s worked well for you.
    • Expand your network.

Monthly Meeting Agenda

The goal is you bring your #1 challenge, and your willingness to share your wisdom, and insights.

The format of our mastermind is to ensure all the “doing” is during our session and that you have one or two actionable decisions you’ve made that you can start using after our meeting.

  • Welcome (10 minutes)
  • Member Spotlight or Guest Speaker (15 minutes)
  • Collaborative Workshop (55 minutes)
  • Wrap-up (5 minutes)


Stephanie’s workshops and programs are truly amazing. She has a thoughtful onboarding process and tailored my experience to fit my exact needs. The customized plan that we co-created enabled me to get clarity around my business and future. From defining the vision to mapping goals and objectives, I found that I had her ongoing support and wealth of knowledge in my corner at all times. Her insights and recommendations were valuable and always from a holistic lens view which was nice. Most importantly, her program is built for results and she ensures that you are confident in the action plan every step of the way.  Nicole Klug, RevOps Consultant April 3, 2021


If you’d like to learn more about this program here’s a link to my calendar to book a time that works best for you.