You bring your #1 challenge, and your willingness to share your wisdom, and insights.

Clarify what matters. Maintain core values. Accelerate Growth.

Our Members

  • Own a business with 2-20 employees, including the founder.
  • Focus on completing business goals within 90-day intervals.
  • Desire to spend less time in the day-to-day operations of the business and more time growing the business.
  • Believe a community of successful entrepreneurs will help them achieve their goals faster.

Nicole Klug

RevOps Consultant

Stephanie's workshops and programs are truly amazing. She has a thoughtful onboarding process and tailored my experience to fit my exact needs. The customized plan that we co-created enabled me to get clarity around my business and future. From defining the vision to mapping goals and objectives, I found that I had her ongoing support and wealth of knowledge in my corner at all times. Her insights and recommendations were valuable and always from a holistic lens view which was nice. Most importantly, her program is built for results and she ensures that you are confident in the action plan every step of the way. I totally recommend Stephanie's program, workshops, and services to anyone who is serious about moving their career forward.

Our Mission

Prosper is designed for Parentpreneurs who want to clarify their family commitments, reach their wildest business potential, and lose the guilt aspect of being a working parent.

    • Discover systems that give you the flexibility and ability to accelerate growth. 
    • Gain support to encourage you to stick to your business goals. 
    • Confirm you have the right processes in place for the needs of your business.
    • Design systems that will save you time and make it easy to grow your team.
    • Collaborate with founders who are willing to share their experiences and help you learn faster.
    • Stop feeling that time is a constraint and focus on what matters most inside and outside of the business.

Regardless of what stage of development your business is in, Prosper is beneficial for broadening networks, providing accountability to help you achieve your goals and, sharing proven methodologies that improve operations.


How it Works

Each month we meet virtually for 90-minutes to discuss what’s most important to you inside and outside your business. You will get to experience a hands-on, live working session with real-time feedback. 

You will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with business owners from various industries.  We will cover a variety of topics about the following three themes: 

    • Proactive Business Planning
    • Systemizing Operations 
    • Creating Healthy Environments 

The format of our mastermind is to ensure all the “doing” is done during our session. There will be a combination of member spotlights, guest speakers, and workshops.  You will have one or two actionable decisions at the end of each session.

The goals are:

    • Get clear about what matters most, be true to your core values and create a plan with accountability checkpoints.
    • Objectively identify blind spots within your organization that allow you to see why your growth has stalled, and or why your team is struggling.
    • Leverage tools and strategies for growth and operational efficiencies.
    • Share your wisdom on what’s worked well for you and expand your network.

Monthly Meeting Agenda

The Prosper Mastermind grows your company.

Welcome (10 minutes)
Member Spotlight or Guest Speaker (15 minutes)
Collaborative Workshop (60 minutes)
Wrap-up (5 minutes)


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