Challenge the Status Quo

Some days I only get four hours of sleep.

I noticed a pattern: whenever I’m trying to grow my business, there are days when I only get four to five hours of sleep.

Instead of trying to change that pattern, I go with it—but I’m not doing it alone. I’ve got a little help from my friends, and I get creative with my time. 

I know it’s best to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. That’s not always possible. I don’t want to feel bad about it. I’d rather be healthy and face my reality. 

I invested in a nutritionist to work on a recovery plan for the days I have less sleep. It’s been a game-changer!

Now for you, it may be something else that is against the norm and best practice. I want to encourage you to do what you think is best, and prepare to push your limits. 

To show up as your best self on the tough days: 

  1. Plan. I’m very intentional and clear about the Why?, What?, and When? during these times where I push my limits and get less sleep.
  2. Prepare. I have monthly, weekly, and daily rituals that save me time during the week and energize me. 
  3. Pause. When I need to recharge through the day or take a break, I take five minutes to reset.

My questions to choose what’s best in the moment:

  • What serves me right now? 
  • How can I best serve
    • my family?
    • my clients?
    • my community?
  • Do I have the right kind of energy to serve myself and others?

You know what you want to do and why it’s important to you. 

How do you challenge the status quo as you grow your business?