Recently, on a Saturday morning, I discovered the power of practicing daily movement. I invited my husband to do a yoga video with me. To my delight, he said yes. He’s very fit. He runs every day and takes really good care of himself. So when I saw that he was struggling during the session, I was surprised. He stopped and said, “Wow, you are an incredibly strong woman!” At that moment, I fell in love with him a little bit more and I realized my daily practice of five minutes of yoga was building strength. 

How five minutes daily changed my life.

My yoga journey began when my son was a toddler. Being a parent of a toddler came with a few demands, often at unpredictable times. I was tired of feeling like crap so I made some changes, of which one was more exercise. For me, I wanted an exercise I could do every day and one I enjoyed. There was enough tough stuff each day; I needed something to look forward to. I also wanted an exercise that would be adaptable, one I could do anywhere, at any time, at any age, with no excuses.

I’m grateful to my colleague at the time who recommended Yoga with Adriene. The classes came in a variety of time options—there was actually a five-minute category! I started with five minutes a day.

I wasn’t really sure what that would do, but over time, five years later, I can say that I’m still doing yoga every day and I’m noticing the positive impact in my strength, mindfulness, and nutrition. Not that yoga fixed all that, it was the pathway to getting to know me and making better decisions. There is power in practicing something every day. 

Five minutes may not seem like much time, but when you do it every day it adds up to 35 minutes a week, which is better than no time. 

Having trouble forming a daily practice?

It might not be what you think. There is research that proves how behaviour can change with practice. I’m a fan of  BJ Fogg’s research The Fogg Behaviour Model which is Behaviour = Motivation + Ability + Trigger.

Behaviour = Motivation + Ability + Trigger

Behaviour = Motivation + Ability + Trigger

The most important part is the trigger.

If you feel discouraged because a daily practice is a struggle to maintain, you might have a design problem rather than a commitment problem.  

The #1 question to ask yourself before you start is:

  • What are some trigger points you can leverage in your day to start your new habit?

If you pick a trigger point and something that is attainable, you’ll start to experience the power in doing daily practice.

What five-minute habit are you going to start?

Once in a while, I’ll read about one of my fellow entrepreneurs’ taking a one-month break. I would like to take a month for myself one day. 

Given the needs of my family, I’m not ready to take one month for myself. I actually enjoy working, and I enjoy helping people grow and scale their businesses.

Your business or your family might need you now. You may however be one of those fortunate people who can step away from your business for long periods of time.

I enjoy one day of vacation every week. During this day, I work at not working. I slow down. When life throws me a curveball and this vacation day isn’t possible, I aim for half a day. 

The amount of time you take for yourself isn’t important. What is important is not working at your business and instead connecting with yourself. Trust that when you are not working, your business will be alright. 

How do you do this? Start small. Reflect on what you have. 

During my university years, I had to work nights and weekends. I longed for the day to have weekends free from work. Now, I’m grateful every time I take a one-day vacation. 

You need to practice.

  • Accept help. 
  • Celebrate “good enough.” 
  • Be grateful.

Why is it so important to hit the pause button? 

Pausing creates more energy for the next week, more compassion for myself and others, and better results! I’m a better boss, mom, and partner. 

There is another benefit of pausing: it’s a chance to remember the reason you’re working so hard in the first place.

My son and husband enjoy seeing me pause. When I’m unable to pause, I know I will eventually. Be consistent with pausing, but don’t put stress on yourself to pause at a precise time. Allow your family to see you working through a break and relaxing when work is done.

You would advocate for your children and partners to take a break. Advocate for yourself, too.

I hope you pause work. Plan something fun and relaxing really soon during a pause. Make it special. 

Stop. Let your guard down. Laugh. Remember what matters. Work hard doing what you love. Repeat.

The most pivotal time in my life was in 2013 when I became a parent. It rocked my world.

I had prided myself on being a high performer and being able to do it all. Unfortunately, the strategies I had used before becoming a parent didn’t work anymore.

My heart and mind were opened up in ways I couldn’t predict and all the stuff I hadn’t dealt with got a lot more painful and debilitating.

I was driven by the desire to have a harmonious family and be a successful entrepreneur. I didn’t want to choose one over the other.

Stephanie with son at work

Doing both well required a level of self-discovery I hadn’t anticipated.

Mindful Tiny Actions and Movement

I started simply with five-minute sessions for a better diet, movement, and mindfulness. I joined communities that supported me in my journey to become a better leader. I realized this next phase of my life required surrounding myself with people I wanted to be like one day.

There have been highs and lows throughout this journey. I have tried and tested many strategies for wellness and high performance. I researched and tested different methods and frameworks to change behaviour. I discovered what works for others didn’t work for me.

My “Aha!” moment was realizing it’s not about the strategy, it’s about consistency with flexibility and adaptation.

Once I figured that out, my growth was exponential, I’ve become a better parent, partner, friend, and leader.

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned on my journey of being a peaceful parentpreneur.

My mission is to help other parentpreneurs live a harmonious life free from guilt, debt, and stress.

I have three ways you can connect and join me.