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How do you engage with the world?

Now, more than ever, it is important to engage in the world. We are living an international life. Technology brings us together and connects us regardless of where we reside physically.  When we connect with people around the world, get to know them, become friends, and provide support.  The Peaceful Parentprenuer fosters global connections. We […]

How to Focus as a Parentpreneur

There are always distractions for a parentpreneur. It took many tries, fails, and hours of reflection to find my groove and master my focus. It’s a journey. So how do I focus as a parentpreneur? As a business owner, who also works from home with a kid virtually attending school, it’s a bit of an […]

5 Considerations for New Year’s Resolutions

Made some New Year’s Resolutions? I wish I believed in them. To me, they are a source of guilt. The statistics indicate halfway through the year, only 46% of people are still working towards their New Year’s Resolution. What if we consider New Year’s resolutions as goal setting? I was reminded of this when our […]

Courageous Communication: The Wins and The Losses

I’ve been talking about courage recently. The conversations have been about a variety of topics—mostly around being courageous when communicating with others:  Being transparent with clients about how your partnership is going. Waiting to hire your ideal candidate, rather than settling to have mediocre help now.  Sharing feedback even when you think it may be […]

How much fun do you have each day?

Have you ever been told, “Don’t wait for retirement to have the life you want?” These words are wise but not necessarily helpful. If you’re working hard to design your best life, the last thing you need is guilt that you’re not enjoying it all the time. How much fun do you have each day? I […]

Is a roadblock limiting or liberating?

The other day, my husband and I were feeling a little disconnected from nature, living in a city, and being homebound. On this occasion, we united to convince our eight-year-old to drive across the city to a conservation area near the lake.  It required my being the backup, sharing how we must do this as […]

The Power of Daily Movement

Recently, on a Saturday morning, I discovered the power of practicing daily movement. I invited my husband to do a yoga video with me. To my delight, he said yes. He’s very fit. He runs every day and takes really good care of himself. So when I saw that he was struggling during the session, […]

Take a Break. Be Vulnerable. Listen.

It’s like running a marathon. Sometimes the last mile before the finish line can be the toughest. In business, for example, we run marathons all the time:  landing that next sale, or onboarding that new team member to free up your time.  After the marathon, it’s important to recover, stretch, take a break, and have […]

The Power of Pausing

Once in a while, I’ll read about one of my fellow entrepreneurs’ taking a one-month break. I would like to take a month for myself one day.  Given the needs of my family, I’m not ready to take one month for myself. I actually enjoy working, and I enjoy helping people grow and scale their […]

My Love-Hate Relationship with Routines

When I first became a parent, the desire to sleep was so strong. I remember calling the local nurse helpline in the first month. She recommended that I co-sleep with my son so I could get more rest. Thankfully, I had been to a pre-birth class about how to do it properly. I was comfortable […]