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Is your schedule limiting or liberating?

I feel more energized and focused when I time block everything in my schedule.  I have a love/hate relationship with my schedule. I’m a bit of a rebel and don’t want to be told what to do. For a while, I resisted the time blocking on my schedule because I wanted the flexibility around all […]

Lead with Ease

The power of masterminding is achieving your growth at an accelerated pace. Early on in my career, I was part of communities that focused on my growth as a leader. Many of the opportunities I had access to were from my network created by the masterminds. It was that experience that illustrated at any stage […]

Reinventing Family Holiday Time

Every family is unique in its traditions and preferences. How we define family may be different too.  For me, family is a fellowship—a group of people living together communicating meaningfully, and building trust.  So when it comes to the holidays and how our family celebrates, it’s been an ongoing discussion. Our preferences change as we […]

Challenge the Status Quo

Some days I only get four hours of sleep. I noticed a pattern: whenever I’m trying to grow my business, there are days when I only get four to five hours of sleep. Instead of trying to change that pattern, I go with it—but I’m not doing it alone. I’ve got a little help from […]

The Parentprenuer Life: How it Began

The most pivotal time in my life was in 2013 when I became a parent. It rocked my world. I had prided myself on being a high performer and being able to do it all. Unfortunately, the strategies I had used before becoming a parent didn’t work anymore. My heart and mind were opened up […]